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Website: www.aabrink.dk
Blog: Writings on magic and wonders and little things and trees

On this blog I post spiritual teachings and ponderings, as well as shamanic artwork.

About me
b. 1984 in Tune, Roskilde, Denmark

I first met shamanism as a way of working consciously with Spirit and nature, in 2008, when I stumbled upon the book "The Earth Is Singing" by Annette Høst. As I was introduced to the basics of shamanism, I was surprised to find out how much 'shamanism' already lived inside me, and how much I was already communicating with the Spirit.

Creating intuitive and shamanic art
I have been drawing and singing and painting all my life. When my brother died, I drew him pictures, wrote him poems and made up songs. I still work in this very same way, and I am blessed to have a life that supports it. Often my paintings depict an inner or outer landscape, celebrating life around me and life inside me. The "String" that goes inward and connects me to myself and my creativity, is the same string that goes out and connects me to Spirit.

I would be happy to help you if you feel like working together. I speak English & Danish.

Peace painting
I offer to make affirming Peace paintings. In this process I ask you for some general information about your life right now, and I ask my spirit helpers and teachers for help to you. Together with my Spirits, I create a painting for you that sees you, and celebrates who you are at this time in your life. The painting will support you in your life and remind you of the beautiful being you are!
Price: 95 € + shipping. 
Please put "Peace painting" in the subjectline (title) of your email.

Shamanic Meetings
With my 'Shamanic Meetings' I offer a way of working in a shamanic way, with what is important for you at this time in your life. With guidance and help form my spirit teachers, we try to find the best way to help and support you right now. I ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself and what it is you need help with. Through guidance from my Spirit teachers I bring this help back to you. We can meet using Skype and talk about what help the Spirits have given you and how you can put it into action today. 
Price: 107 € per meeting. 
Please put "Shamanic Meeting" in the subjectline (title) of your email, thank you.

Thank you for your love for yourself and this planet. And thank you for looking at our page :)

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