Anna-Carin Mårtensson

I work as a painter and healer.
For me studying shamanism is the same thing as learning old techniques which help me to heal and become aware of all things connection. We are one, I am a part of this magnificent creation called life on earth. And we can communicate with it as a whole or with the separate parts, if we want to.

Art has a natural correlation to shamanism in that way that both deals with the soul. When I work as a shamanic painter I work with a clear intent and use different techniques to let the spirits involve in the process. The intent can sometimes be to help someone with a special issue or sometimes with the wish to over bridge the gap between the "ordinary reality" and the spirit world - to sharpen our awareness.

Medicine paintings
Medicine paintings are special paintings done with the intent to help you on your path. I do a journey for you asking the spirits for help; power, healing or advise. I write it down and then I do a painting. The painting works as a reminder and a meditation object for you to keep the process going.

The painting is done with egg oil tempera on rough paper 28 x 28 cm. 107 € + postage. 
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