31 March 2014

‘The South Road’ – Vitality, Fertility & Abundance..

This is the second painting in my series mapping the compass, helping to deepen my personal relationship with the six directions.

This painting was from the most beautiful journey, one that left me feeling profoundly changed on all levels. My teachers and I would like to share this luminous map with you, with the hope of sharing some of the South road’s medicine with you.

Blessings to you on your path… wherever it may lead:-)


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Prints of 'The South Road' are available here, framed & un-framed.

21 March 2014

‘The East Road’ – Mapping the compass.

This painting is from a series of recent journeys I have been doing to help me to deepen my understanding and relationship with the crossroads.

It is really important that we orientate and align ourselves with our internal compass on a daily basis. It is by doing this that we find and reference from our center, our place of power, our medicine and our dreaming.

This gives us a reference point to navigate by and check in with throughout our day, rather than being swept this way and that by any old energetic tides or currents, or defaulting to the mass cultural dream!

Blessings on your journey, wherever it may take you!

Gabriel :-)


'The East Road' is available as a limited edition print here.

7 March 2014

Morning Prayer

Ecoline tusch on A4 paper.

I come before you
To paint what is in my Heart 
and how I see the world